I started my real estate career back in 1996 at Wright Bros. Real Estate in the quaint Hudson River village of Nyack, New York.  Back then, all we had was a two-inch thick multiple listing book filled with page after page of grainy, blurry, black and white photos.  The multiple listing system would actually send someone around to photograph the new listings, mostly from their car, and all we would get back was one bad exterior photo.

Around that time, I was also working as a photographer for the Rockland County Journal News. My two careers were taking off at the same time and I thoroughly enjoyed them both. These dual careers went on for several years, however, I soon realized that in order to truly succeed, I was going to have to make a choice. So I ended up choosing real estate, and I am very happy I did.

My passion for photography at that time, however, had to take a back seat so that my real estate career could flourish.  So fast forward to 2022....  My...how the real estate industry has changed. These days, over 95% of home buyers begin their home search online and the most powerful marketing tool to attract buyers will ultimately be the photographs and videos.

My photographic and video skills, equipment, and training allows me to present your home or building in the most interesting, dramatic, and flattering light possible.  I use top of the line Nikon cameras, wide-angle lenses, multiple lights, reflectors and diffusers, High Definition video equipment as well as aerial drone video tools.  I apply my passion, and full creative energy into offering the most comprehensive marketing plan for your property.  And in addition to showcasing your property on all the top real estate websites, the foundation of that marketing plan will be to produce the highest level of multi-media to market your home. This is why I have never been more excited about what I do.

My professional real estate career and my professional photography career have come together to produce what I consider a "super career". My love for real estate is now amplified, enhanced, and elevated by my love of photography.  I am able to offer a property seller the best of both worlds...... A real estate professional with 25  years of experience who is also an experienced, creative professional photographer.

As a Rockland County resident for over 40 years, a graduate of the State University at Albany Business School, restoration general contractor, property manager, and real estate investor, I have gained valuable experience and knowledge that will help you make educated decisions about your next real estate move. I will explain to you the buying and selling process, pin-point your searches, and demonstrate home values so that you can navigate the real estate market intelligently.

My reputation is everything and I have spent the last 25 years building my real estate business so that I can represent my clients with the highest level of professionalism and integrity.  In my opinion, it’s all about establishing trust and building relationships. I never get tired of meeting new people, showing new properties, and learning something new.

So, I look forward to meeting you, listening to your needs, and fulfilling your real estate goals. And of course, I really look forward to photographing your home.

For more information regarding my real estate services, please visit my Realtor website at http://www.stevendolinsky.com.    To see my personal work, visit http://www.dolinskymedia.com.

Thanks for stopping by.

Steven Dolinsky

Wright Bros. Real Estate

53 South Broadway

Nyack, New York

845 - 304-3161 cell



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